Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ah, sweet validation!

I don't wanna say I told ya so, but ... I totally told ya so!
Earlier this month, my best friend since first grade and his fiancée took in Britney Spears' concert in Tampa (and sent me these pics). Now, this was the same guy who got dragged to see the New Kids On The Block last November, likewise pleasing his betrothed.

You might remember that after my "Britney-free in '08" pledge, I quickly jumped back on the Britney bandwagon. I did, however, say I was not going to catch Brit's current "The Circus Starring: Britney Spears" tour, which my BFF and his sweetheart took in at the St. Pete Times Forum, because having attended two of her previous tours, I was disappointed she lip-synched almost the entire shows.

I'd warned my buddy about this, and when he came back from Britney's "Circus," I got the following terse — if not telling — e-mail (and I'm quoting here): "NKOTB were a lot better." That was all the validation I needed!

Just looking at the pics they sent me, I could tell that Britney's new show is "visually stunning," as I like to call it. (Translation: Britney looks hot!) But, given the fact that there's very little live singing, it seemed like a waste of money for me to again dish out my hard-earned bucks for such a display. I could simply plug in my iPod or pop in one of her DVDs and watch her videos. Though, in full disclosure, I did take a cursory look or two online for tickets for her local shows ... just to see what was out there.

If nothing else, it was great to know that: A.) I made the correct decision in not pursuing Britney tickets; and B.) I got unbiased confirmation that the New Kids' current tour is much better!

(BTW, Britney's "If U Seek Amy" is my new favorite song. And, yes ... I know what it really means!)

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