Monday, March 16, 2009

Just call him "Lefty"

I have several mottos I live by, including this one: If it weren't for Old Navy, I'd be naked. From shirts and jeans, to sweaters and even boxers, it's not uncommon for me to be decked from head to toe in Old Navy gear.Whenever I see those seven blue letters on a mall's storefront whenever I'm shopping, I have to stop in, even for just a peek.

So when I saw these mannequins at an Old Navy on a recent excursion, I thought about adding to my collection.

Here's a good look, I thought, perfect for either a night out with my GF, a concert or even a casual work day. I always like to look be in style, and this look was neither too sloppy nor too formal. I could pull this off, I thought as I then moved my attention to the outfit right next to it. (And no, I promise you this entry isn't about fashion. I swear, there's a funny moment coming up soon. Wait for it...) I mean, living in these uncertain economic times, we all have to watch and make sure we get the most for our dollar, right?

Now this outfit ... well, this one would be a little harder for me to pull off.

See, I like the sweater vest and button-down look — in fact, I sometimes sport a similar ensemble, which I also bought at Old Navy — and at first I thought, I like it when I first saw this one. Then I looked a little a little closer and thought, Yeah, I just don't have the arms to pull this one off ... at least not the left arm! See, I like my arms just the way they are; ya know, the same length. I mean, look at this poor mannequin: It's bad enough that he doesn't have a head, but then you add to that the fact his left arm is almost scraping the ground. Talk about wearing a 44 Long — more like a 44 Looooong.

Although, I bet this guy would make a great basketball player.

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