Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Big Brother" is still on???

Flipping channels last week, I came across something on CBS that blew my mind:

"Big Brother" is still on the air! Who knew?!

I remember investing waaaaay too much time to the first season of the reality show, watching both on TV (it seemed like that first season was on every night) and even online from the office (that was before my current job, of course!) and coming away from that first season emotionally drained.

Once they started this whole Head of Household thing, I totally stopped watching.

I did, though, try to make my way through that all-star season, but I just couldn't do it. "Chicken George," though, drove me nuts.

Then, as my curiosity was piqued, I checked the Associated Press files and found these pics of cast members from this, the eighth season of "Big Brother." Again, this is the eighth season of the show!

BTW ... who are these people?!

Yeah, back in the day I was totally into shows like "Survivor" and "American Idol," though I've since voted the former "off the island" and haven't watched the latter consistently the past few seasons.

(I will, though, have to pick up my "AI" viewing, watching for the next Taylor Hicks or Bo Bice.)

So, what have I missed the past seven seasons???


Anonymous said...

I have watched all the Big brothers and this one by far has one of the rudest people on... Evil Dick is his name... And his name rings true!!!! His daughter is also in the house she is Danielle who has a boyfriend but seems to have major feelings for Nick who was voted out a few weeks ago... She has gotten HOH twice and when she won the second time the letter that she received was not from her boyfriend, but from Nick...Can you imagine!!!! Tonight she is on the game show Power of 10 at 8pm with her fellow housemate Amber and Nick is there to surprise her (Danielle).. I feel bad for real boyfriend, he needs to send her ass packing!!!! Enjoy the last few weeks of BB8!!!

Anonymous said...

Sean, On WRRV this morning, they were talking about this very same thing. Apparently, one of the hosts, Borris, still watches this show. He was saying how he was really ticked at CBS because they are pre-emting the LIVE show this week for pre-season football! He was not happy. He asked listeners why somone would want to watch pre-season games instead of Big Brother and then wondered if all the live Thursday shows will be pre-emted now.