Thursday, August 16, 2007

So we just met Taylor Hicks...

...and honestly, he's a really cool guy!

I'll have a full report on his show here in Poughkeepsie (with pics and video) right here on "Sean's Space" tomorrow (that's Friday), but let me just say this: He was incredible!

After the show, we waited outside the Mid-Hudson Civic Center door and he came out and signed dozens of autographs in a sudden and pouring rain!

He was very gracious, and I quietly held my copy of last week's "Enjoy!" section as Taylor approached.

It was then that my beloved GF excitedly yelled to him, "Taylor, he wrote that story about you!" to which he told me, "Thanks, man. I appreciate it."

He then tried his darnedest to sign the "Enjoy!" section battling both a dying Sharpie marker and the pouring rain.

Still, he was seemed grateful that more than 50 of his fans braved the weather to greet him, and we were likewise appreciative of his time.

Remember, check back here at "Sean's Space" on Friday for a full report on the show!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Sean! Can't wait to read your whole recap and see your pictures and vids!

Anonymous said...

Details, Sean, details! That's what we like. The little things make us happy!

No pressure here, of course. Take your time with a recap. Not!

Seriously, I'm so glad that you enjoyed your first Taylor Hicks' show. May you experience many more!

Anonymous said...

Sean, I knew you would like it - when I saw you taking pictures during the show, I figured he had won you over. (Hubby and I were in the first row left side). And we said, why would he bother taking pictures if he didn't like the Once again, this is the 3rd show we have seen and it was again different than the other 2 in some respects. We agree with you - it WAS incredible. His energy seems never ending and his band continues to amaze me. The sweetest thing was when he autographed and gave the little boy his harmonica down in front of the stage by us. (although I'm sure his Mom is hanging right on to that!!) Looking forward to reading your review.


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to read your review...sounds like you had a blast...but I didn't expect anything less!!

Anonymous said...

Sean, I couldn't wait to hear how you liked the show. I'm not an autograph hound, but a year ago Saturday, I stood out in 98-degree weather so he could sign my newspaper that I was proofing on the night he won Idol (front page package headlined "Soul Patrol") ... so I understand your need to have him sign your work too. I hope it's the first show of many.

Anonymous said...

Sean -- No doubt you were curious after all the differing opinions published recently about Taylor Hicks the man and Taylor Hicks the artist. No question in my mind that both Taylor Hicks' are wonderful! From my "listening post" the concert was ANOTHER barn burner -- perfectly performed songs; EXCELLENT band, DYNAMIC, PASSIONATE, ENERGETIC, performances by Taylor Hicks.

Sounds like your girlfriend was already won over -- just one request: name 3 things about the concert that most impressed you.

Thanks for the review.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!! I honestly have to say that I really wasn't familiar with his work before the show, except for that Ford commercial he did a while back. But let me tell you, I was VERY, VERY pleasantly surprised.

He seemed like a genuinely decent, person...something you don't see in celebrities these days. Especially to keep signing autographs in the pouring rain like he did.

Sean, I can't wait to hear your review and see your pics and video. From your 3rd row seats, I'm sure they were amazing! Great job as always!!

Oh...and for you girls out there wanting to know...he wore blacks sneakers, jeans, and a brown shirt that said "Soul". When he came out to sign autographs, he changed shirts to one that said "Elvis" and was wearing a baseball cap

Denise said...

Sean, I only have two things to say:

1. Welcome to the Soul Patrol buddy!

2. I told you you didn't need me to tell you to have a good time at the show. It's a given. He gives 100% every single time. It's impossible to walk away from a Taylor Hicks Show unhappy!!

Ok, I more thing. Write that recap and post those pictures soon!!