Thursday, August 16, 2007

Looks like Taylor Hicks is in town!

OK, now I feel like a stalker! See what I've become?!

After a very cute anonymous reader posted a comment on my previous post, saying she'd seen Taylor Hicks' tour buses parked across the street from the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, I just had to check it out for myself...

So let's go, people; let's get cracking: Which tour bus (the blue tour bus or the brown tour bus) does your "American Idol" champ travel around in?

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that both the Civic Center and the buses are just a block down the street from the Poughkeepsie Journal building, so it's not like I'm chasing him all over town.

Then on the way back to the office, humming "Heaven Knows" to myself, I stopped by the Take-5 Deli for my morning dose of Dr. Pepper. As I got to the door, it hit me:

What if Taylor Hicks is in there eating breakfast? Should I ask for his autograph? I don't have anything with me for him to sign, let alone anything for him to sign with! Grrrrrrrrr!

Luckily, Taylor wasn't at the deli (phew!) but Dr. Pepper was so I'm happy.

But if you're headed to tonight's concert, feel free to drop me a line at after the show and pass along any thoughts or pics. (Anyone headed to the fan club meet n' greet?) I'll try to post some here tomorrow.

UPDATE (1:56 p.m.): Just for kicks, I clicked onto to the Ticketmaster Web site to see if tickets were available. Indeed, when I picked 2 seats (best available), there were some in Section 101 (center) in Row L, which is only about half-way back ... or half-way to the front, depending on how you look at it!


AmyH said...

Nice pics!

Your relief at not finding Taylor in the deli is reminiscent of my own relief every time the elevator opened at my hotel in Vicksburg a couple of weeks ago.

The thought of being in an elevator for eight floors with Taylor Hicks scared me just about to death. Should I say anything? What would I say? Do I ask him a question? Do I look at my feet?

Thankfully it never came up. Sadly there was no Dr. Pepper waiting for me in the lobby, though.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! You are one of us now Sean! Soul Patrol!

Anonymous said...

Sean..are you going to the concert?I would be interested in reading your review of the show.. :)

Sean T. McMann said...

My GF and I have 3rd-row seats, and I'll be blogging about it, likely tomorrow afternoon. Check back for more, and enjoy the show!

Anonymous said...

Sean it seems the HysTAYria has hit you too> LOL Have a great time tonight as I am sure you will. Just remember one thing wear your boogie shoes.


Anonymous said...

I actually thought Taylor was tooling around in a bus that was Kid Rock's and that one is black.

Anonymous said...

Blue Bus - The Crew

Other One - Taylor and the band

Sean - Hope you and your girlfriend have a great time at the concert.

I have been to - let's just say "several".

Have tickets for upcoming:
Dallas, TX
Millersville, PA
Looking for a good ticket for Orange Beach.

Can't wait to read your review.
We'll be looking for a review of the whole band, too. They are all phenomenol !!!

Say Hi to the "merchandise guy" too. He's been with them since February !!! Super nice guy. Tell him the SOS and Boogie sent you !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sean...this Canadian girl is so jealous...I've never been to a concert and must live through everyone elses experiences. Thanks for your blog entries...they are enjoyable and help to make me feel the excitement. Taylor is one of a kind that's for sure...someday I hope he comes up to Canada. I'd love to experience his show first hand!

Enjoy your show...take lots of pics to share with us OK. If you get a chance to talk to the man himself put the bug in his ear that some Canadian stops would be great on his next tour.

And I agree with a previous're one of us now. Welcome to the Soul Patrol!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, great scouting report. The blue bus hauls a van with equipment and the band.

The other bus is Taylor's.

Great news that you get to see Taylor perform tonight. Be ready for a great show! He is awesome (all 11 times I've seen him!).

We are all looking forward to your review. We most want to know the following: setlist, solos by the band, wardrobe, acoustic numbers and if the acoustic stool makes an appearance get ready to hear weeping.

It's all good.

You are now an honorary Soul Patroler! Go Sean!


missy said...

Sean-Have a great time at the concert tonight.

We Floridians are waiting for our turns next week!!!

Anonymous said...

Sean, you're funny..I love it..LOL

Keep up the good work and enjoy the show tonight..

Anonymous said...

Sean -- one fan at a time, baby, one fan at a time!

OK, here's what you should listen out for -- Compared to What, Don't let me Down; The Maze and Heaven Knows (unbelieveable), Long Train Running, The Right Place -- that's just for starts.

My guess is your GF will LOVE The Right Place -- you'll LOVE Compared to What. The band is smoking HOT and Taylor Hicks is not like any artist you've seen to this point.

Enjoy yourself and share your innermost thoughts! lol


Anonymous said...

Hey Sean-you are one of us now-a fledgling SPer-who will get a true taste of live show Tay tonight. Be prepared for the unexpected-and be prepared to be totally drained when its over. Taylor is not like anyone else I've ever seen on stage-this is where he shines best. And these others are right-Taylor always does an encore-and if the stool comes out look out-something emotional, slow and acoustic-just him and his guitar-which is often the best part of the show. He also has been known to throw towels into the audience or give his harmonica away to a young special child or fan--and be prepared for some really awesome harmonica solos like you have never heard before! Welcome to the Soul Patrol brother!!

Anonymous said...

sean, what an awesome time we had! i couldn't get to you to say hi, but MAN, my kids and i gave the concert a 10 out of 10 -- would do it again in a heartbeat! soul patrol!!!!!

(It's lisa from your article)

Gr8fulheart said...

Sean ~ My advice is to 'rest up' before the concert since you will NOT be able to stand ~ sit ~ or even think STILL! You're In For A Treat!!!

Gr8fulheart said...

OOPS Sorry! Looks like I was late AGAIN with another post! Go Figure!
Hope you had a great time but then, How Could You Not!!!