Monday, August 6, 2007

Everybody got "Footloose"

He's alright. Don't nobody worry about him!

Kenny Loggins' performance Sunday evening was just the cherry on top of a great day at Bowdoin Park, filled with music and fun.

More than 10,000 of us packed the park, waiting for the headliner to play the hits we've known for years. Turns out, the wait until "Whenever I Call You Friend" was just as much fun.

Between packing a picnic dinner and enjoying a sunset just feet from the Hudson River, thousands of us realized why we have such county parks like Bowdoin.

Before the show, you could literally walk right up to the stage, where I was able to snap a pic of Kenny's set list, taped underneath his microphone stand. Look!

Bringing a Whiffle Ball and bat, my GF and I started an impromptu game with a bunch of little kids who wanted to get in on the action before the show, amid dozens more with baseballs and gloves, Frisbees ... even the occasional lacrosse stick. We even saw a puppy on a leash, being walked with his owner.

Come 7 o'clock (exactly at 7, btw) the Hudson Valley Philharmonic played for about a half-hour, making for an amazing "opening act" for Kenny.

Here's just part of the view from the stage:

And that was just the right side of the crowd!

Precisely an hour later, and never stopping in between, Kenny played an hour-and-a-half of hits we've all grown up with — from "Danny's Song" and "I'm Alright" to "This Is It" and "Footloose."

One of the highlights came before he played "House at Pooh Corner," when Kenny relayed a story about playing a show with a big, bad tough guy standing, arms crossed, just feet from the stage, never cracking a smile. In between songs that night, the tough guy yelled out, "Play the one about the bear!"

He played "the one about the bear" and a ton of songs we all know, and by night's end, everyone was dancing (getting footloose, if you will) and the night ended with the Philharmonic playing as fireworks were shot off overhead.


Anonymous said...

Great show, great music, great weather, great company and GREAT PARKING!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow...I'm surprised he did "Footloose"....when he was last here in the Detroit area he didn't do it and we were told it was because it was his "sellout" song and he was "embarrassed to do truth to that , does anyone know?...

Sean T. McMann said...

Yes, we were very happy he played "Footloose." I actually have video of that song, but it's kinda blurry (had to zoom in a lot!) and the file is too large to upload to Youtube.

If it's any consolation, I was hoping he'd play "Meet Me Half Way" (from the 80s movie "Over the Top") but whe n I glanced at the set list before the show, I saw he wouldn't be doing that one.

Still, it was a great show and a really nice night out with friends!